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Guardian Māia: Episode 2 - Combat Sample

Play as Māia te Kaitiaki (Māia the Guardian) as she battles two vicious mangā warriors in this interactive sample of Guardian Māia: Episode 2!

Learning Ink Script - Tutorial Eight

In this Ink script tutorial you'll learn how to track multiple Variables in your interactive fiction.

Learning Ink Script - Tutorial Seven

In this Ink script tutorial you'll learn how to track Variables like Magic Points in your interactive fiction.

Learning Ink Script - Tutorial Six

In this tutorial we're taking Delayed Consequence to the next level by introducing you to Conditional Options!

Learning Ink Script - Tutorial Five

In this tutorial, we’re going to start down the track of making your interactive fiction more responsive to your reader. And how are we going to do that? By giving you the power of Delayed Consequence through the application of Conditional Text.

Learning Ink Script - Tutorial Four

In this lesson we use Stitches, Gathers and Glues to better organize your Interactive Fiction story and avoid the dreaded 'Wall of Text'.

Learning Ink Script - Tutorial Three

In this tutorial we look at how to create Options within Options in Ink script. Once you've mastered these multiple layers of options, you have everything you need to create a classic Choose You Own Adventure story with Ink script.

Narrative Design with Ink Script

Edwin McRae discusses how Ink Script can be a great introduction for writers hoping to enter the field of Narrative Design for video games.

Learning Ink Script - Tutorial Two

In this tutorial you learn how to use Knots and Diverts to make your Ink Script more playable, different types of Options, and how to hide text that you don't want hanging about like a bad smell.

Learning Ink Script - Tutorial One

Narrative Designer, Edwin McRae, gives you a short and snappy intro to Inkle's 'Ink Script'. Why learn Ink Script? Because it allows writers to actually WRITE interactive fiction rather than linking lots of little boxes together or pressing innumerable buttons. Plus it's open source and compatible with Unity. Come on...let's get into Tutorial One already.