Who is Edwin McRae?



I've been a professional storyteller for over 20 years.

Having written everything from procedural narrative strategies to flavor text for hundreds of TCG cards, I've experienced the breadth of what it is to be a narrative designer in the games industry. Nowadays I like to share that experience with others, helping writers build their narrative design careers and game designers forge satisfying story experiences for their players.

After working in theatre and television, I fell into scriptwriting for video games and evolved into a narrative designer able to wrangle both story and game play.

My motto is "Play is what we do. Story is why we do it."

I'm a New Zealander with a rich bi-cultural ancestry from Kati Māmoe Māori and Celtic Britain.

When I'm not working with games, I'm hanging out with my three beautiful daughters or adventuring with my partner in love and creativity. We're currently designing an off-grid lifestyle in an idyllic country town where we hope to see out the impending apocalypse. ;-)

To reach out you can click on my Discord channel for an automatic invite or head to LinkedIn. Just remember to send me a nice message along with your connection request so I don't mistake you for a bot!