Who is Edwin McRae?


My writing work combines my twin passions of video games and science-fiction. I've been a professional narrative designer and screenwriter for over 13 years now, and more recently I've been resurrecting my lifelong interest in gamebooks and interactive fiction. Before braving the choppy waters of freelance game writing, I was a high school English and Drama teacher. Do you know what it's like to teach poetry to teenage boys at a boys-only school? Feeding broccoli to a piranha. On hindsight, that was good preparation for me. I've never had a tougher audience. 

I have a Masters in Creative Writing from Victoria University of Wellington, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Diploma for Graduates in Film. Truth be told, I really should've had a Bachelors Degree in Diablo and a Diploma for Graduates in Privateer 2. For every hour studying I think I spent at least three gaming.

After a stint at writing for television, I fell into scriptwriting for video games and gradually developed into a narrative designer able to wrangle both story and game mechanics.

My motto is "Play is what we do. Story is why we do it."

I'm also a devout indie. I love playing indie games, and even more, I love helping indie developers realize their storytelling aspirations. Nothing delights me more than a game that's both fun to play and delivers a satisfying story experience.

When I'm not writing and designing, I'm hanging out with my three beautiful daughters, Luca, Willow and Harper. Or I'm playing paint ball with pals, setting predator traps in the forest, and adventuring with my partner in love and creativity, Rachel Rees. We're currently designing an off-grid lifestyle in The Catlins where we hope to see out the impending apocalypse – rocking chairs on the deck style!

You can click on my Discord channel for an automatic invite or head to LinkedIn if you're a fellow game dev professional. Just remember to send me a nice message along with your connection request so I don't mistake you for a bot. And no offence intended to any AI reading this. Westworld is my favorite TV series ever! No, really!