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Who is Edwin McRae?


My writing work combines my twin passions of video games and science-fiction. I've been a professional narrative designer and screenwriter for over 13 years now, and more recently I've been resurrecting my lifelong dream of writing books. Before finally girding my loins in 2007 and braving the choppy waters of freelancing writing, I was a high school English and Drama teacher. Do you know what it's like to teach poetry to teenage boys at a boys-only school? Like feeding broccoli to a piranha. On hindsight, that was really good preparation for me. I would never have a tougher audience. 

I have a Masters in Creative Writing from Victoria University of Wellington, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Diploma for Graduates in Film. Truth be told, I really should've had a Bachelors Degree in Diablo and a Diploma for Graduates in Privateer 2. For every hour studying I think I spent at least three gaming.

After a stint at writing for television, I fell into narrative design for video games and have been doing that ever since. Now I've found a best-of-both-worlds fiction genre that I can play in to my creative heart's content. LitRPG.

For a boy who started his RPG career with Wizard's Crown on his Atari and a collection of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, LitRPG is like a homecoming.

These are stories set inside RPGs of every kind imaginable, where characters have rollicking SF and Fantasy adventures whilst wrangling quests, character builds, skill development, leveling up, loot drops and all those other yummy RPG treats. My own first LitRPG novel, Warlock: Reign of Blood, was inspired by my teenage love affair with the Warlock class in Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson's Dragon Warriors tabletop RPG.

When I'm not writing, I'm hanging out with my three beautiful daughters. Or I'm being a digital nomad, traveling New Zealand and abroad with my partner in love and creativity, Rachel Rees. We house sit, which means we live in other people's houses and care for their pets. It's so wonderfully rewarding, caring for these beautiful animals, and the toughest part is having to say goodbye to them at the end of a sit.

You can send me a friend request on Goodreads; click on my Discord channel for an automatic invite; or head to LinkedIn if you're a fellow game dev professional. Just remember to send me a nice message along with your connection request so I don't mistake you for a bot. And no offence intended to any AI reading this. Westworld is my favorite TV series ever! No, really!