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Why do we love RPGs?

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What is LitRPG? [Updated May 2019]

The New Zealand Book Council interviews author Edwin McRae about LitRPG.

Video Game Detox - Days 27 & 28 of 30

A curated list of games that won't overtax your dopamine.

Video Game Detox - Day 26 of 30

Working on a plan for my gaming future.

Video Game Detox - Days 24 & 25 of 30

Gaming is part of my cultural DNA.

Video Game Detox - Day 20 of 30

Why do we love RPGs?

Video Game Detox - Day 19 of 30

If only life was a matter of understanding ‘the system’.

Video Game Detox - Day 18 of 30

Perhaps reading LitRPG offers me something that RPGs can’t?

Video Game Detox - Day 17 of 30

Does reading a LitRPG press the same buttons as playing an RPG?

Designing Believable LitRPG Mechanics

When I read LitRPG, I’m there for the story. Yes, the mechanics are a vital part of the story in any LitRPG, but they should never overwhelm the plot or characters. The key to getting the right balance between Story and Mechanics in LitRPG is SIMPLICITY. Read on and I'll explain why.

How to read LitRPG like an ARPG designer

I’m Edwin McRae, former lead writer of Path of Exile and author of Warlock: Reign of Blood - A LitRPG Novel. Below I outline three RPG narrative design techniques that you can be watching out for when you read your next LitRPG novel. NPC design, Story Glyphs and Boss fight buildup.

NOT a LitRPG Book: 4 Lessons Learned from Stormbane

Writer, Edwin McRae, discusses the valuable lessons he’s learned from writing and trying to sell a novella that’s turned out to be a “qualified failure”.