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Edwin McRae is a senior narrative design consultant who is ready and willing to help you with your video game, card game, board game, table-top roleplaying game, game book or any other gaming experience.

He has freelanced as a writer and narrative designer in the games industry since 2011 and written two non-fiction books on narrative design; Narrative Design for Writers and Narrative Design for Indies. Edwin has also been a LitRPG author, a television screenwriter, a learning designer for game development courses and a drama teacher.

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Punchy Writing Portfolios for Games

How to create an impactful portfolio that shows off your game writing and narrative design skills.

AI NPCs - How will they impact interactive storytelling in video games?

Edwin considers NVIDIA and InWorld's Covert Protocol announcement and the potential impact of AI NPCs on human creativity in the space of character-driven game experiences.

AI and the Creative Process

Narrative Designer, Edwin McRae, describes the effect AI tools have on his creative writing process.

Narrative Design vs Narrative Warfare - Harmony Square

Looking at Harmony Square makes Edwin McRae (Narrative Designer) wonder how narrative design could be further used to combat the nefarious practices of narrative warfare that divide and conquer us.