Edwin McRae is a senior narrative design consultant who is ready and willing to help you with your card game, board game, table-top roleplaying game, game book or any other reality-based gaming experience.

He has freelanced as a writer and narrative designer in the games industry since 2011 and written two non-fiction books on narrative design; Narrative Design for Writers and Narrative Design for Indies. Edwin has also been a LitRPG author, a television screenwriter, a learning designer for game development courses and a drama teacher.

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Flesh and Blood TCG

Welcome to the world of Flesh and Blood, a hero-centric fantasy trading card game that features classic fantasy classes with unique playstyles. 



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All I Want For Christmas Is Revenge: A Dark Christmas Comedy Novelette

Two game developers' holiday cheer curdles when a venture capitalist lays them off before Christmas. Learning he's in Norway, revenge beckons; armed with ruthless tactics inspired by their video game heroine, they pursue old school justice on a Nordic quest. But can this worldbuilding duo execute a real-world takedown, or will their scheming snowball into an epic failure?



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Narrative Design vs Narrative Warfare - Harmony Square

Looking at Harmony Square makes Edwin McRae (Narrative Designer) wonder how narrative design could be further used to combat the nefarious practices of narrative warfare that divide and conquer us.

Lore, Layoffs and Laughter

Summing up a tough year in the game dev biz, and introducing a cathartic Christmas story!

Lore! What is it good for?

Lore! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing... unless it's important to gameplay or characters.

How to break into the games industry as a writer

Veteran game writer and narrative designer, Rudolf Buirma, offers advice to writers who want to work in the video games industry.