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I’m a LitRPG author, and a narrative designer and narrative paramedic for the video games industry. I’ve been a screenwriter and story designer for over 13 years now. After four years of writing for television, I started with Grinding Gear Games in 2010 and became lead writer on the creative team that took their online RPG, Path of Exile, from 80,000 players to 20 million players.

I’ve also worked with numerous Indie game developers, helping them to conceptualize their game worlds, their characters, their player experience, and to write the storylines, dialogue scripts and in-game text that turn those concepts into tangible and enjoyable stories.

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Narrative Design for Writers

Do you want to turn your talent for writing into a narrative design career in the games industry?




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Mana Monster: Legend of the Moon Gems by Artrix Studios (New Zealand) is a cartoony and comedic Match 3 game. You collect cute monsters and send them into battle to defeat corruption and save Underland from tyrannical evil.




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Character Growth vs Player Growth in RPGs

You've put 200 hundred hours into that RPG and now your character is amazing. But have you, the gamer, become amazing too?

Guardian Māia: Episode 2 - Combat Sample

Play as Māia te Kaitiaki (Māia the Guardian) as she battles two vicious mangā warriors in this interactive sample of Guardian Māia: Episode 2!

Hunting the Hunter: A Falconers interactive short story

In this short interactive fiction, you play as Falconer Cassy Winter. She's on the trail of a murderous Hunter Culler and you have to keep her fears in check so she can survive this mission.

Edwin McRae on the Game Dev Advice Podcast

A 40 min interview about narrative design for video games with JP Podlasek, host of the Game Dev Advice podcast.