Want to level up your narrative design skills or launch into your game writing career?

Narrative design is like no other story craft. Every game is different and the technology and business models are always changing. I've survived and thrived as a narrative designer and writer for over 20 years. Let me share my hard-earned wisdom with you so that you can avoid the pitfalls and fast-track your career in the video games industry.

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"I always came away from my sessions with Edwin with deeper insight, fresh ideas, and an upbeat mood. He quickly expanded my understanding of storytelling in games and what it means to be a narrative designer."

  • - Bonnie Harris-Lowe

Edwin has the qualities of an excellent mentor. His experience, along with his guiding and kind approach to mentoring, allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of narrative design. I left every session excited about what I had learned and eager to put it to use. What I found most helpful was that he did not simply hand you the ideas and writing skills on a silver platter but instead guided you through putting them to use and finding the ideas yourself. This approach is both rewarding and allowed me to improve my writing and understanding of narrative design more effectively.

  • - Luca Poynton

"Edwin is a true veteran. He has vast experience in multiple gameplay and narrative genres. His guidance has improved my understanding of narrative and quest design. I'm honored to call him my mentor!"

  • Emanuel Garcia

"Edwin helped me to take a fresh look at my CV and portfolio and gave some pieces of advice on how to make them more corresponding to my career goals. I am highly grateful for his help as well as for his essential psychological support."

  • - Alexander Ginzburg

"Edwin is an excellent mentor, and helped me with everything from my writing to my approach to the business side of working in games." 

  • - Andrew Jack

"10/10 Edwin helped me get a solid start in Narrative Design!" 

  • - Tim Webber

"Edwin taught me most of what I know about narrative design and now I’m on the other side of the world working for a AAA studio and still using his tips and advice to navigate through it all!" 

  • - Nick Jones

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