Skulls of Atlantis

A LitRPG Pirate Adventure

"It’s a dark tide that turns a pirate into a hero."

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Captain Grace Deadeye Cortez lives in a virtual game world of magic, monsters and marauding pirates.

Atlantis has risen from the depths and Deadeye aims to plunder the city of its ancient riches. With her crew of motley corsairs, Deadeye will shoot and swash her way through any thing that crosses her course. But our plucky pirate captain is in for the shock of her buccaneering life.

An ancient sea god is awakening, straining against the arcane chains that were forged in Atlantis to bind him. Should he break free, the whole world will feel the tidal waves of his wrath.

Captain Deadeye and her crew will need to look lively and level up if they are to defeat this antediluvian evil... and get mind-bogglingly rich in the process.