All I Want For Christmas Is Revenge

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When veteran game developers, Sarah and Greg, are unexpectedly laid off right before the holidays, their Christmas cheer suffers a serious debuff. Reeling from the loss, they stumble upon the mysterious Billy Gruffs bar, unaware of the dark forces at play behind its facade. Whilst deep in their cups, they learn the callous venture capitalist responsible for closing their game studio is vacationing in Norway’s winter wonderland, and revenge starts sounding awfully sweet. Goaded into action by the mysterious barman, Sarah and Greg take inspiration from their video game heroine, Karina Fae. Armed with her ruthless tactics, the duo sets out on a clandestine Nordic quest to deliver some old school justice.  

But can this worldbuilding duo manufacture a real-world takedown? Or will their imperfect scheming snowball into an epic failure? 

Find out in this dark Christmas tale about losing it all and bravely charging on. All I Want for Christmas Is Revenge is a cheeky, fresh twist on a holiday story as old as time. Wrap yourself up in this fast-paced adventure set amidst the cosy lights of a Scandinavian Christmas.