Writer learning Unity game engine - Initial Impressions

  • Edwin McRae

As a game writer I had the luxury of 'just writing'. Google Docs and spreadsheets.

As a narrative designer, I need to get my story hands under the hood. I need to find out how to implement my narratives within a game development context.

Learning Unity with Future Games

That's why I'm learning Unity Real-Time Development Platform in 10 weeks with the awesome support Future Games of Sweden and Otago Polytechnic!

Current Knowledge

To work out how to get somewhere, it helps if you know where you are right now.

What do I know already that might help me with my Unity learning journey?

  1. 10 years of professional game writing and narrative design experience
    • I understand the development processes behind video games.
    • I've been exposed to a lexicon of game dev jargon throughout my career.
    • I've worked on many game projects with Unity developers in the indie space.
  2. little prior experience with Unity.
    • While working on Guardian Māia I was taught some basic narrative and level design tools.
    • During work with a Zarmada project and Guardian Māia I used Unity with Sourcetree for version control.
  3. Scripting experience and basic programming knowledge.
    • Extensive writing of Ink Script for Guardian MāiaClonestarBetterup and the previously mentioned Zarmada project.
    • Learning of basic programming principles while editing the Gamefroot Tākaro course.
    • Fundamentals in BASIC practiced a loooooong time ago.

Getting Started

Unity 2020.3.8f1 (64-bit) is now installed on my Acer Aspire V 15 nitro laptop and have just cracked open the course that Future Games has provided me!

And special thanks to Otago Polytechnic and CODE for funding my training!

I'll see you next week with a reflection on my first week of learning Unity! :-)








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Edwin is a narrative consultant and mentor for the games industry.

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