Edwin on The Game Design Roundtable

  • Edwin McRae

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Episode Outline

00:14 Welcome Edwin
00:17 Edwin’s background
03:34 What is a narrative designer?
05:48 What processes or tools does Edwin use?
07:04 What is jigsaw storytelling?
08:26 What is Harrison’s background in narrative storytelling?
10:54 Information on Edwin’s work on Path of Exile
13:40 Edwin’s background in school and professionally
17:01 Edwin’s book writing on narrative design for indies
20:07 Advice to indies on hiring a narrative designer
23:09 What if someone is part way through developing and feels like the narrative is not right
27:27 How would a young writer get experience in game design?


About Edwin McRae

Edwin is a narrative consultant and mentor for the games industry.

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