Highly skilled scriptwriter for your video game project

In video games, dialogue needs to be short and bursting with character. Players love eloquent, feisty and comical NPCs but don't want to have to stand around too long to listen them. Edwin McRae writes dialogue that delivers vital information through engaging dialogue that doesn't get in the way of gameplay.

Well-crafted dialogue, cinematics and in-game text 

Edwin writes powerful cinematics whilst working within the mechanical and budgetry restraints of a project. For everything from historical tomes to item flavour text, Edwin packs a lot of story into a few words.

"Just finished leveling my witch and I take my hat off to the writer for [the Witch's] lines, and the voice actress for the delivery. Especially the new boss kills - Love them!" 

Unmistakable player and non player characters 

Edwin grows characters out of a game's world design. During the development phase of a new character, Edwin's process involves...

  • Getting inside the heads of characters
  • Working out where they've come from
  • What they believe in
  • Why they are who they are now

...this results in authentic and distinct characters that players can and do grow to love. 

"I was so engrossed in what Dialla said and how she said it. So eerie and yet chipper. Dark and malevolent, seething. I found myself laughing and getting chills, over and again.  I listened to every dialogue I could from her. And then again.  Seriously, one of the most interesting NPCs I've ever come across in a game. My all time favorite I would say." - Amulek43, Open Beta Player, 31 Jan 2013 

Path of Exile comic book art by Carlos Rodriguez

Talk to Edwin about... 

  • Scriptwriting
  • Game dialogue
  • Narration
  • Script editing
  • In-game text
  • Item descriptions 
  • Flavour text