Do you have a game story that's broken? Let me help you fix it.

A game's narrative can make or break the whole gaming experience. If your mechanics are solid but your story makes you wince, get in touch for a narrative diagnosis. I help developers analyse and fix dysfunctional game narratives so that together we can improve the entire gaming experience for the player. 

30 minute Skype or Discord consult = Free

This is your chance to tell me your woes and my chance to see if I can help you.


Narrative Diagnosis 

If it looks like your game and my narrative design approach are a good fit, we can start tackling your story problems together. Here's what the narrative doctoring process will look like.

Step 1. Share your narrative documents and current build with me so I can identify where you game story is misfiring.

Let me see the front end of your story first. In-game text, dialogue, flavor texts...whatever you have available. I'll ask for dev docs as needed.

Step 2. You'll receive a detailed report from me with the story problems I've identified and practical recommendations for how to fix them.

All recommendations will have your current scope, game assets and team expertise in mind.

Step 3. A debrief via Skype or Discord where we can discuss the report and establish the best way forward for your narrative team.

I'm here to help your narrative team, not replace them. Sorry, I don't personally do rewrites these days.

Step 4. Further consultation and problem-solving as needed. 

Now that I understand the full context of your game story, I can help you to solve any additional story problems that arise during implementation.

Get in touch to book in that free Narrative Diagnosis!