Need help writing a story that will work with your game?

There's a BIG difference between a good story and a good game story. Stories are told. Game stories are experienced. That's why video game narratives need a totally different design approach. I help developers turn their story ideas into game-compatible story experiences that will work in harmony with game mechanics.

30 minute Skype or Discord consult = Free

Tell me your story idea and let's see if it's something I can help you develop further.


Narrative Strategy Development 

Together we'll put together an effective narrative strategy for your game. Our aim here is to provide an enjoyable story context for the player while ensuring the game mechanics remain center-stage. After all, the players are here to play, not be told a nice story.

Step 1. Share your design documents, story ideas and current build with me so I can see how narrative and mechanics will work together.

Let me see the core gameplay experience first, then share a summary of story concepts you have so far. I'll ask for further information as needed.

Step 2. You'll receive a detailed narrative strategy covering my recommendations for developing a narrative that best suits your gameplay.

All recommendations will have your current scope, game assets and team expertise in mind.

Step 3. A debrief via Skype or Discord where we can discuss the narrative strategy and the best way forward for your narrative team.

I'm here to help your narrative team, not replace them. Sorry, I don't personally do the nuts and bolts writing these days.

Step 4. Further consultation and problem-solving as needed. 

Now that I understand your game's design, I can act as a an 'on call story editor', guiding your narrative team as necessary.

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