Ready to help you with game world building 

From Path of Exile's Wraeclast, to cutting edge visions like that of Scarlet City Studio's Aetherlight, Edwin McRae can build or support you in building any imaginary or factual world from the foundation up, during the creative development process through to promotional material and beyond. 

"Path of Exile masterfully builds its world without spending unnecessary time on narrative exposition." - Kevin VanOrd, Senior Editor, Gamespot

Convincing worlds and civilisations   

Edwin skilfully combines historical and anthropological knowledge of human civilisations throughout the world to create new fictional cultures that are authentic.

When it comes to creature creation, Edwin draws inspiration from zoology and the environment. This ongoing fascination with life is what distinguishes Edwin from the rest.

Why create a world only to discredit it with bogus details?

It is Edwin's goal to populate your created world with cultures and creatures that are honest...that actually make sense in those environments.


Aye...'tis a Master World Builder 

Get in touch with Edwin for creative direction regarding:

  • World concept design
  • Civilisation and culture invention
  • Environmental concepts
  • Emotional atmosphere design