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Banter between cards in CCGs

How we could use procedural narrative design in digital collectible card games to create dynamic character banter?

Character Growth vs Player Growth in RPGs

You've put 200 hundred hours into that RPG and now your character is amazing. But have you, the gamer, become amazing too?

Edwin McRae on the Game Dev Advice Podcast

A 40 min interview about narrative design for video games with JP Podlasek, host of the Game Dev Advice podcast.

Grimstone: Interactive Dialogue

Can you talk some sense into Profanity Jane and thereby earn much needed XP for Grimstone City?

Where procedural narrative needs to go next

The systems are in place. Now storytellers need to step in and turn those procedurally generated facts into powerfully expressed fictions.

Do you want to write video games?

For writers, the games industry is a much friendlier and more welcoming place now than it was ten years ago. It’s also a much bigger industry than it was ten years ago, meaning there are so many more games in need of stories and writing.

What's the difference between Procedural Narrative and Emergent Narrative?

These are my working definitions for Procedural and Emergent, what I use when creating game narratives for my clients.

Why do we love RPGs?

The RPG Insight Quest: Delve into this article and shine some light on your beshadowed gamer soul. Do you accept this quest? Y/N

Video Game Detox - Day 29 & 30 out of 30

Detox done and here's my conclusion. Beware of manipulative game design!

Designing Believable LitRPG Mechanics

When I read LitRPG, I’m there for the story. Yes, the mechanics are a vital part of the story in any LitRPG, but they should never overwhelm the plot or characters. The key to getting the right balance between Story and Mechanics in LitRPG is SIMPLICITY. Read on and I'll explain why.

Edwin on The Game Design Roundtable

Harrison, Dirk and Edwin discuss the importance of the narrative line in game design and how it can keep game players engaged throughout a game with immersive details.

Procedural Narrative: The Future of Video Games

Bryan Cohen asked me "what role do you see procedural and emergent narrative taking in the future"? A big role, if not the starring role. Let me explain.