Warlock Story Recap

  • Edwin McRae

A recap of the main events of Warlock: Reign of Blood

[DO NOT READ if you have not yet finished Warlock. CONTAINS SPOILERS!]



Mark walks out of his dire apartment, his dead-end job as a supermarket drone operator, and his messy divorce, and wakes up inside Reign of Blood, a full immersion virtual reality game in which he seems to be the only player.

He starts in a burning fantasy village that slavers have just finished plundering, and has his first sword fight with a reiver scout. When three more reivers turn up, Mark stuns them with a spell from his Warlock class magical arsenal, and flees on a stolen horse. He doesn’t get far before being shot down by Dayna, a ranger on her way to investigate the smoke rising from the village.

Once Mark respawns, he joins the acerbic Dayna in a quest to rescue the ranger’s fellow Garlanders from enslavement. On the trail they encounter Vari, a reiver deserter who is a Figurist, a macabre blend of healer and reanimator. The three companions try to ambush the reiver slavers but are outwitted by the cold and calculating Captain Serik. Mark is killed. Dayna and Vari are captured and taken to a ruined fortress the reivers have taken as their base.

After resurrecting, Mark follows them to the ruins, only to find that it is Citadel, the rightful fortress of the warlocks who have come before him. He meets the disembodied warlock spirit who inhabits the place, nicknames him Sid, and together they plan to defeat Serik’s reivers and rescue Vari and Dayna.

But the ladies have plans of their own. Vari uses a beheaded chicken to steal the keys for their cage, and they flee with the prisoners just as Mark arrives to do battle. The warlock slaughters the reivers but is killed by the reiver sergeant who is covering Serik’s escape.

Serik makes his way across the mountains, headed for the reiver lands, but is captured by headhunters on the edge of a vast tract of ruins called the Barrens. Once again, the sergeant saves his hide, and during their escape they defeat a legendary monster and gain the Helm of Supremacy. This item allows Serik to take control of the headhunter tribe and plot his revenge against the warlock that drove him out of Citadel.

Meanwhile, back in Garland, the villagers agree to establish their new settlement at Citadel while Mark, Vari and Dayna go clear the local mines of Cave Ghasts. After destroying the Ghast Queen, they realize that corruption seems to be seeping into Garland from the Barrens, a place that Dayna visited long ago and doesn’t want to talk about.

They return to Citadel to find a visiting party of druids from the Garland capital. Their leader is Denniston and they’ve brought along Braemar, a young earth druid who agrees to help find and destroy the corruption that is threatening Garland.

Mark, Dayna, Vari and Braemar travel over the mountains, encountering and closing two chasms along the way. The second chasm hosts the Siren of the Lake, a monster that tempts him with his own growing attraction to Vari. They destroy the monster, and afterwards, Mark and Vari consummate their budding relationship.

Upon reaching the Barrens, Mark and his companions discover that Serik has taken control of the headhunters. Dayna tracks their movements and learns that Serik is following an underground route that will lead him to Citadel.

The party hurries back over the mountains but is too late. Serik and his headhunter horde have killed Denniston and the rangers guarding the fortress. The remaining villagers are being sheltered by Sid, but it’s only a matter of time before Serik finds and enslaves them.

Mark and friends enter Citadel via its secret tunnels and take the fight to Serik, the sergeant, and their headhunter slaves. Vari, Braemar and Dayna battle the sergeant while Mark uses his ‘Ethereal Flesh’ spell to sneak up on Serik, knowing that victory lies in disabling the commander and his Helm of Supremacy. Vari strikes a seemingly fatal blow against the sergeant with her ‘Rend Flesh’ spell while Mark is brutally defeated by Serik. It’s Braemar who kills both Serik and Mark, causing a stonefall that crushes them.

During the brief moments before he resurrects, Mark senses that his real body is in a hospital in RL, in some sort of coma. Then he awakens in time to see the sergeant rise out of Braemar’s quagmires and capture Dayna. The reiver woman’s regeneration skill has healed her near-mortal wound. Mark, Vari and Braemar pursue the sergeant who murders Dayna before escaping on the ranger’s horse. All Mark can do is use his Mind of Matter skill to retrieve the Helm of Supremacy so that it doesn’t again fall into reiver hands.

Mark, Vari and Braemar bury Dayna and then plan their next move, a trip into the Barrens to complete the Chasms of Corruption quest and save Garland from a monstrous invasion.

Enjoy the action-packed conclusion of the Chasms of Corruption quest in Executioner: Reign of Blood.


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