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Video Game Detox - Day 9 of 30

Video games have been my ‘cabin in the woods’ when RL gets stressful and daunting. Mostly it’s a welcome relaxation tool and doesn’t get in the way of me dealing with my RL problems. But sometimes, when life is coming at me thick and fast, I dive into that digital refuge too quickly and with way too much enthusiasm.

My partner’s family has recently had a terrible run of bad luck. Two deaths and a serious illness in the past month. My partner needs my support and I’ve been able to be really present for her this last week. I’m ashamed to say that I was escaping prior to this detox, pouring my energies into distraction rather than devotion. I was there but not as much as I could’ve been.

It’s nice to be back in RL. It’s nice to know that tomorrow I can be there for her as I was today.