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Video Game Detox - Day 8 of 30

While a little milder today, my gaming cravings have yet to dissipate fully. I've been able to ignore them enough to resist playing anything, but at my weakest moment, I went searching for some solace on the internet and found this.

"It’s a game I don’t want to stop playing, certainly. Although the more I do, the more I experience this existential fog of wondering if I’m really having a good time at all."

- John Walker, Senior Editor at Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Yes, he's talking about Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, or AssCreed as he 'fondly' calls it. So here it is, this wonderfully consoling article.


Interesting that he never hones in on the cause of his compulsion. The mechanics and the dopamine manipulating goal+uncertain_reward system. He 'gets' it, certainly, but doesn't seem willing to look under the hood to examine the evil machine at work. Like I said...interesting. See you tomorrow!