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Video Game Detox - Day 7 of 30

The cravings are really biting me today. Gaming memories are strafing my brain in full 4D. I’m otherwise feeling great though. Dopamine levels seem stable. This isn’t a physiological thing. It’s a psychological thing. I’m pining after the sense of self-efficacy that comes with gaming. I miss that feeling of being capable, even powerful.

So what do I do?

I sweep the guttering of cobwebs. No, seriously. Lovely autumn afternoon, with the dog watching on, I take my mighty +3 Broom and wipe away that pseudo gothic patina. The end result looks great, I feel like I’ve achieved something, and the gaming memories have receded, becoming little more than a dull echo at the back of my brain.

Stay busy. Get stuff done. That seems to be the immediate salve for my cravings. I better find myself some more jobs for tomorrow!