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Video Game Detox - Day 6 of 30

Hell, no! I feel A LOT better today. I think My dopamine levels must be stabilizing. My body aches are gone. I slept really well. I’ve got that sharp edge to my concentration back. Interesting that it’s taken five days to get to this point though.

And I’m having a few game cravings. I bought Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood last month on a Steam sale and I’m really feeling the urge to get amongst it. Oh well, it’ll still be there in 24 days’ time. Perhaps it can be my reward for successfully navigating this detox.

Game cravings are funny things, btw. They come as flashes of gameplay. They’re mostly visual but there’s a strong tactile element to them. I can feel my fingers on the controller, the grips nestled into my palms. There’s even a dull hint of that rush I get in Call of Juarez: Gunslinger when I’m on a roll, nailing headshots like they’re going out of fashion. It comes at me in audio too. The click of bullets being loaded into the Lee Enfield rifle. The “schick schick” of the lever-action as I chamber a round. It’s a weird thing I tells ya!

I’m wondering if these cravings will dissipate soon. I’ll let you know if I’m still having them tomorrow. :-)