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Video Game Detox - Day 26 of 30

It's time I thought about "where to from here" with regards to my video gaming habits. Yes, I've missed gaming over the last 26 days but less now than I thought I would. That's mostly to do with the fact that my gaming cravings have dissipated. I can now make an informed choice with a clear head. RPG video games are always going to be a part of my weekly life for several reasons.

A. I'm a narrative designer who specializes in RPGs. I have to keep abreast of what's happening in RPG design.

B. I write LitRPG novels and video games RPGs are the very core of the genre. You can't effectively write LitRPG without knowing how video game RPGs work.

C. I really enjoy video games. Always have. Always will.

So here's a thought. How about I designate a set "date night" for gaming? A 2-3 hour session (my personal healthy maximum) one evening per week.

I'll sleep on that notion and see how I feel about it tomorrow. :-)