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Video Game Detox - Days 24 & 25 of 30

can say with absolute certainty that Assassin's Creed: Odyssey has been completely flushed out of my system. In fact, I think I was probably over the Odyssey effect by Day 14. But as for video games in general, I've realized that they play an important part in my life that goes well beyond the dangers of "dopamine farming", beyond my career as a narrative designer and even my budding career as a LitRPG author. I've been a gamer so long that it's part of my identity, my cultural DNA. But it's also a part of myself that I need to watch with the acuity of a falcon lest it overwhelm the rest of my life. When solely focused on video gaming I tend to neglect other cultural delights like reading LitRPG, playing board games and getting involved in tabletop RPG campaigns. Exercise, family, work... those I balance nicely with gaming, but it's the subgroups of gaming that suffer. For me, video gaming can come to monopolize the 'play' portion of my life.

See ya tomorrow!