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Video Game Detox - Day 17 of 30

I think so. Just maybe not quite as hard.

I’m still in the early stages of understanding LitRPG as a genre. I’ve only published one so far, and have another coming out in May. But it seems that reading about leveling, quests and loot gains excites dopamine just like experiencing them does. Maybe not as intensely, although that all comes down to execution in both the RPG and the LitRPG. My very rough estimate would be that a good LitRPG offers about the same dopaminic satisfaction as a fairly stodgy RPG. Off the top of my head, Carrie Summers’ LitRPG novels have the same level of RPG satisfaction for me as The Surge and a lot more than Technomancer or Icewind Dale.

I don’t yet understand how it’s all working under the hood, but I’m determined to find out. See you tomorrow!