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Video Game Detox - Day 1 of 30

I've never actually done a detox in my life before, but I'm told they need rules, immediate actions and a plan for filling the void.

Rule: No playing of the video games!

Exception: I'm allowed to play the builds my clients send me for the purposes of understanding and designing their game narratives. Since playing builds is always 'on the clock', I tend to keep these sessions very short and focused.

Actions: Uninstall all non-client games from my PC and iPhone. The internet isn't great where I'm currently staying and not unlimited. This makes downloading games tricky and slow. Perfect situation. I've also cleared my Steam Wishlist so that I won't receive any tempting sales offers. I don't own a console, but if I did, I'd pack it and its games away somewhere inconvenient. I would even consider putting them in a waterproof box, maybe an old chilly bin, and burying them in the garden.

Plan: There's Executioner: Reign of Blood, the sequel to Warlock: Reign of Blood to edit and publish. I have several books that I'm enjoying and need to finish reading. I've got the Deadwood TV series to watch and there's also the OA to watch with my partner. And Game of Thrones Season 8 is starting in April. I think I'll be fine. ;-)

Okay, so this is Day 1. How am I feeling? Wonderfully self-righteous!

See you tomorrow! :-)